Say 'NO' to poor quality. I sell clothes which I wear myself!

Here you won't find any Chinese trash, FuuZzi's® clothes have extremely durable colours that won't wash out even at 60 degrees Celsius, are really pleasant to touch, soft to the skin and stretch to fit any figure!

What's more, I only sell clothes that I wear myself! I test their quality on myself. I also design them myself and can design any of the clothes posted here for you. Just let me know what slogan or image you would like - I will convert it into a graphic and send it back to you for approval. See you soon!

FuuZzi® - New thinking, New clothes.

Do you love blouses? Of course, you do! Every woman does. But how about blouses that are so comfortable and thick that you don't even need a bra? That's right, they're made from a material that doesn't make you sweat, doesn't make you cold, and keeps your boobs in place with super-stretchy spandex and cotton.
Whether it's spring or summer, autumn or Christmas there's always an occasion to celebrate, so as not to make too much noise about our range we've put together gifts for all occasions. Because who says you can't buy a mug with a Santa Claus in January, right? For unexpected birthdays and Valentine's Day occasions too - check it out for yourself or tell us what else you like: We will try to create the perfect gift to order for you!

“Hats have power. Hats can change you into someone else.” - Catherynne M. Valente

Our shopping bags and backpacks can hold up to 20 kilograms of weight, so don't worry if you've gone for "just one thing" again. Whether you're carrying half the house's contents because you've got the kids on a walk, or because you just need to do some bigger shopping and you come back with a big purchase, FuuZzi shopping bags are perfect for you. Contact me if you have any questions
Sometimes you have to run somewhere. Whether it's shopping, picking up your kid from school, or just jogging or stretching, you'll need stretchy, super-comfortable leggings with an interesting pattern that won't rip in your crotch. We also have super comfortable sports bras to complete the look.
Personalized Pet stuff, pick your favorite and add info, name, or picture via the booking service here
FuuZzi Dresses - if you haven't worn our super comfortable and stretchy dresses yet, wear one! And believe me, you won't regret it. Our dresses are beautiful and modern, but the fabric is the key to happiness! The one they're made of makes sure you won't sweat in the Greek heat or get cold on a date.

We helping others

Your new life path as a baby born or divorce doesnt has to be the next " walking alone throughout the hell" episode.

Your new business set-up or development of the current one while you stuck too.

Let help us sorting out an any issue along the way with personal and business development services!

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