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Here you won't find any Chinese trash, FuuZzi's® clothes have extremely durable colours that won't wash out even at 60 degrees Celsius, are really pleasant to touch, soft to the skin and stretch to fit any figure!

What's more, I test their quality on myself. I also design them and can design any of the clothes posted here for you. Simply let me know what you like to change.

FuuZzi® - New thinking, New clothes.


For the amazing you to glare!

FuuZzi helping people turning passion into a new business

In offer is a new business set-up, marketing and development service which include:

- Creation of logo, graphics, website.
- Design and creation of promotional materials.
- Business plan and strategy, funding etc.
- Time and money management plan - saving.
- Writing of CVs, applications for benefits, e-mails.
- Live translations over the phone - so-called "Merage calls". English - Polish language.
- Video advertising with voiceover / subtitles, business cards, flyers.
- Clothing and gifts with your own company design.

Available 24/7 and the first 30min are free of costs and any obligations. Choose the first option on booking page to start.

Personal solution oriented meeting can lift up your life!


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Valentines Day

Love me tender...
If a woman has to undress you, let her undress you in something that is pleasant to the touch and does not absorb the smell of sweat. Such are our T-shirts, which, as you know, can be made with any slogan, picture, or quote on request. Well, there is probably no better way to pick up a girl and get her in a good mood than with an eye-catching T-shirt, right?
order: fuuzzi.office@gmail.com


Hoodies because Everyone wants to hide sometimes, yea! Or just when you need something to protect your hair from the rain and wind. Check them all out because our designs are off the charts.
Do you love blouses? Of course, you do! Every woman does. But how about blouses that are so comfortable and thick that you don't even need a bra? That's right, they're made from a material that doesn't make you sweat, doesn't make you cold, and keeps your boobs in place with super-stretchy spandex and cotton.
Our knitted beautiful cardigans.... are characterized by textured knit, long sleeves, and elastic cuffs, they are soft, warm, and loose, and the material is slightly stretchy. You can change the color or add any image you like while booking 1:1( +£10), moreover, they are fashionable and stand out with our dresses with which they are color matched. We love them, we wear them too!
Wondering how to have an elegant and unique shoulder bag, backpack, or shopping bag? Our bags can be customized to suit you, is that weird? No, because we want our customers to be happy and we will change the color, lettering, or whatever you want on any of the following for you. Let us know if you want to change anything and we will do it for you. Or pick whichever one you want, because we've already designed some great and unique greats. Wear what you want to wear, not what they tell you to wear.
Sometimes you have to run somewhere. Whether it's shopping, picking up your kid from school, or just jogging or stretching, you'll need stretchy, super-comfortable leggings with an interesting pattern that won't rip in your crotch. We also have super comfortable sports bras to complete the look.
Personalized Pet stuff, pick your favorite and add info, name, or picture via the booking service here
FuuZzi Dresses - if you haven't worn our super comfortable and stretchy dresses yet, wear one! And believe me, you won't regret it. Our dresses are beautiful and modern, but the fabric is the key to happiness! The one they're made of makes sure you won't sweat in the Greek heat or get cold on a date.
Are your balls comfortable and sweat-free? We don't just provide that. Have you ever thought about dressing up from head to toe for Halloween, Christmas or your birthday? We did, that's why our boxer shorts are special, see for yourself :) How comfortable and cool. Make your partner smile and your day better.