Turkey breasts with spinach sauce

Turkey breasts with spinach sauce

To buy: Turkey breasts, spinach, gluten free wheat,greek yogurt, garlic. Potatoes or rice or pasta.

To do:

Ingredients for 4 servings

Skinless turkey breasts 800 g
Greek yogurt 0% fat 250ml - 1cup
Olive oil 30 ml 2 tbsp
Spinach 400 g 2 handfuls
Garlic 10 g 2 cloves
Gluten free wheat 10 g 2spons
salt, thyme
• Massage Turkey breasts with olive oil, 2spons of smoked paprika, salt and pepper put to the oven for about 40min (leave space for spinach from pan)
•In a frying pan, heat the olive oil and fry the chopped garlic on it.
•Add spinach, fry until the spinach wilts.
•Add veggie bulion to it 400g of spinach = 400ml bulion.
• 2 min after add glass of geek yogurt mixed already with two spons of gluten free wheat mixed well.
•Pour the mixed sauce into the Turkey breasts and mix with it a little bit.
•Additional 15-20 in the oven till it's boiling and turn it off.
Perfect with potatoes or rice or pasta.
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