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FuuZzi company, was founded on 15.07.2021 and added the shop to itself at the end of the year due to specific circumstances, when the client decided not to set up the shop with the company's help and simply changed her mind the day before we met, when everything was ready to set up the online shop. So I did it for myself ... I took everything that was prepared for my client, who asked for help in setting up the shop, and here we are!
  The meaning of FuuZzi is a breeze of possibilities ​as it is made up of the two Japanese words “Fuu” and “Zzi”.
Fuu - Japanese name, meaning "Windy, Breezy, Air, Manners".
Fuu means an impregnable girl which lives in the wild like the wind and travels wherever the wind carries her. She is usually calm and has a light, conciliatory manner, but can turn into a raging storm when pushed to the limit.

Zzi - Means serving the world, "Specialist, Excellent, Serious". As a baby name, Zzi means your ideas are of the highest order. You are a perfectionist. You are trying to make the world a utopia to makes each person's fate better; to become perfect yourself. One of your life challenges is to pursue lofty goals and to recognize the good that you are doing at the same time.

Kamila Niewitala - Business development specialist

My name is Kamila Niewitala, I am the founder of FuuZzi®.
I am an experienced and qualified Personal Consultant, Life & Business Coach, and ACCPH Member with an artistic spirit who become a Graphic Designer providing all the digital graphic design you are able to see in the shop. As an ACCPH member who has worked as a volunteer Life Coach with the Shaw Trust, I started in 2019 as The LIfeFreeFromWorries and providing help & support to overwhelmed parents to help them better manage their time, money, and personal lives. Due to my personal development and growth of the company, the name of The LifeFreeFromWorries has simply changed also due to the promotional materials needed - the company name was too long to add on any XD. Today, I continue to help parents, but I also help new business owners define their business vision and align it with their personal goals. Delivering My original courses and webinars on Eventbrite to help you learn new communication, time planning, and financial skills.

Personal counselling 1-2-1 for each case is available online. During a personal counselling session, I use a systematic process to analyse the situation and identify those actions that will lead the organisation or individual to the desired outcome. During our sessions for overwhelmed parents who are already self-employed, I like to present business solutions, housecleaning tips, shopping apps and many other time- and money-saving solutions. Personalised Graphics are available to push their business up, as well as promotional materials such as gifts and business cards, and people and places where I can direct them to catch up. I have spent so many wonderful moments with people who would like to own their own business but don't have the time to develop it properly,that I have decided to also provide short skills development courses just for them.



FuuZzi® helps with all the processes involved in starting a new business, from business and financial planning, to dealing with home and family issues, to becoming a home-based business owner with an independent income.
I am Happy to deliver business solutions and personal skill development for overwhelmed parents which May also include the following topics;

  • Methods for simplifying cooking, cleaning and shopping.
  • Time and Money management at home.
  • Lifestyle organization for personal purposes 
  • Dealing with stress and disorders.
  • Home business, people and households management.

Life coaching diploma FuuZzi

How does it started?

I became fascinated with psychology at the age of 16. When I fell into a severe depression and decided to treat it myself, by gaining more KNOWLEDGEBASE from books, psychology guidance books and pieces of training available! I didn't take any pills I just decided to approach the problem from a different angle. Because why should I go to a psychologist who has read books that I can read too, and let her judge me? Why should I give myself a list of chemicals to put in my body as "HapPy pills" when they have such a long list of side effects?
This of course stayed with me, not the depression, but the knowledge. As you can probably guess, I didn't stop at exploring the human psyche in the context of said depression, but I went further.... much further and that's how my story began nearly 20 years ago...

Knowledge gives you a strength, as well as peace of mind and understanding.

I was fascinated by how much you can see under the mask and infer from apparent behaviours. I was so consumed by it that I went to school where the main subjects were psychology and sociology. I delved into those subjects and continued to delve into them after school because it fascinated me. We also had internships with preschool, school, special education, with therapists, etc. Even after college, I devoured books on human psychology, interpersonal relationships, and more whenever I had time to relax. I have talked to many experienced psychologists and therapists about their approach to the profession, the subject and the diagnosis.
And it gives me a lot of understanding for any person who is affected by something like disparities, diagnoses, depressions, disorders, anxiety, panic attacks, childhood issues. I did not know that this can cast a shadow over our entire life, how any situation in our life or how the behaviour of parents affecting our adult subconscious and which, if we do not work on ourselves and do not decide to find what hinders us to achieve happiness deep inside us, in our past experiences, it will hinder us and not allow a step forward in resolutions, relationships and achieving their goals.

Kamila Niewitala Graphic Designer

My love of art has led me into graphic design, which has taken me from someone who can add a fancy vibe to a website and logo to a fashion designer. I would be happy to do this for you to the best of my ability with our ready-to-personalize clothing.

"I'm a designer, and I think if you work in fashion, you have to give people fantasy." Christian Louboutin

Thank you for your attention! If you would like to read something more about me, here is my blog and qualifications.

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    Transparent & Honest with you

    FuuZzi company has nothing to hide, qualifications are available online, we are assessed by real people and we answer any questions honestly.

    - Registred with IPO and trading standards.

    - Over-qualified staff ( to be honest).

    - DBS checked and family friendly.

    - International.

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    We are the warriors coming from different places...

    We are fighting for you! for your case!

    Struggling with debts?

    With an ex? With children? Or maybe with council? Don't worry, we are fighters, we will fight by your side. You are no longer alone, we have the knowledge, skills and life experience to share with you, so don't worry.

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    3 Solutions for 1 issue

    If you think you are in a no-win situation, we will prove you wrong. Why? Because we believe that for every problem there are at least 3 solutions, don't you? Check during the personal advice session.

FuuZzi can help you with the following and many other situations that cannot be listed so easily. Please contact us to enquire about extra assistance.

Bundle offer has same value as the hourly ones but, we book a few meetings in row for the cheaper price.

Video & Photo Advertising

Book a 30-minute online session to express your expectations.

We do: Video slides, short videos (up to 3min), introductions, Facebook Cover Video, YouTube Cover, Business Cards, Facebook Lists, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.


60£ - for up to 3min

30£ - for up to 1,5min

What may include:

- Your pictures or not

- Your music or ours

- Subtitles in different languages

- Our short videos or yours

Your website

SAMPLE PAGE This is an example of a simple website that covers all business needs.

What's included:- Booking page FREE
- Videos (one video made by me costs around £30)
- Small shop FREE

Price:From £150
Simple website that I can do for you in 3 weeks (6 meetings) + logo (price £25 outside the package)+ simple booking page linked to google calendar.

Additional costs(your choice)
- Domain purchase
- Business cards if needed
- QR code with domain link

Personalized clothes

10£ per edited + price of an item.

Pick your favorite, here and send me the link then, and let me know what to add/change here

Once you have confirmed the date and time, talk about your idea during the meeting.
And then,

  • Sent a photo or text.
  • Confirm sent back and edited.
  • Wait for a link.

Personal goals

For example, but not only:

- Budgeting

- Time management

- Priority lists

- Dealing with kids behaviour

- Communication skills

- Household rota schedule

- Live on phone support while calling to the council etc.

- CV writing

- Benefit advice (UK)

£60 - 1 hour (24/7)

All-in-one business set-up

3 week's | 6 meeting’s | 150£

That is not only the logo and the company name, Here are 10 basic steps to setting up a new business which we will do:

Define your business idea: Start by identifying your business idea and determining the products or services you want to offer. 

Research the market and competitors to see if there is demand for your product or service.

Create a business plan: Develop a comprehensive business plan that outlines your objectives, target market, marketing strategy, and financial projections. This will serve as a roadmap for your business.

Register your business: Register your business with the relevant government authorities and obtain any necessary licenses and permits.

Open a business bank account: Open a separate bank account for your business to keep your personal finances separate from your business finances.

Set up your business location: Choose a physical location for your business if necessary, and set up any necessary equipment and supplies.

Develop a marketing plan and provide adverts for you: Develop a marketing plan to promote your business and attract customers by using business cards, mugs, stickers, etc.

Launch your business: Launch your business and start offering your products or services.

Monitor and adjust: Continuously monitor your business's performance and adjust your strategies as needed to ensure your business's success.

Business plan, financial and strategy

60£ per hour

A business plan is a document that outlines the goals, strategies, and tactics of a business. It typically includes a description of the company, the target market, competition analysis, marketing and sales plan, operational plan, and financial projections. A business plan is a roadmap for the business owner, investors, and other stakeholders to understand the company's vision and how it plans to achieve its goals.A strategic plan is a long-term plan that outlines the direction and goals of a businessover several years. It typically includes a vision statement, mission statement, values, and objectives. A strategic plan is a roadmap for a company to achieve its vision and goals.A financial plan is a document that outlines the financial goals of a business and strategies for achieving them. It includes financial statements, cash flow projections, and financial analysis. A financial plan is a roadmap for a business owner to manage finances and make informed decisions about investments, expenses, and cash flow management.

Promotional materials

3 weeks | 6 meetings | £150

Ordering and designing promotional materials, for example:

Calendars, leaflets design, toys, personalized gifts, business cards, video ads, etc. depending on your and your company's needs.

I need from you:

Details - your logo, e-mail, business address, or website.

Branding - preferred colors, letters, and company profile.

We book all meetings during the first session. We can work around the main idea together if you don't have any.


60£ per hour

Branding that will encourage customers to admire, remember and prefer your company over the competition. It should be in harmony with your personality, your company's mission, and the type of customer you have or would like to have.

Branding needs:

A strong brand identity: Your brand should have a distinct and recognizable identity that sets it apart from competitors.

Consistency: Consistency across all branding materials is key to establishing a strong brand identity and building trust with customers.

Unique messaging: Develop messaging that resonates with your target audience and differentiates your brand from competitors.

Visual appeal: Your branding materials should be visually appealing and eye-catching, with high-quality graphics and designs.

Emotional appeal: Establish an emotional connection with your customers by tapping into their desires, fears, or aspirations.

Storytelling: Use storytelling to communicate your brand's values, history, and mission in a compelling and engaging way.

Multi-channel presence: Establish a strong presence across multiple channels, including social media, website, email, and other marketing channels.

Authenticity: Your brand should be authentic and transparent, with messaging and values that align with your company's mission and vision.

Flexibility: Your branding should be flexible enough to adapt to changing market trends and customer needs.

Customer engagement: Engage with your customers through social media, email marketing, and other channels to build a loyal following and establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry.

Your business development and strategy

6 - 10 weeks | 12- 20 meetings | £320 - £450

There are many different business development systems available, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. However, the best business development system is one that is tailored to the specific needs and goals of the business, and is focused on delivering measurable results.

A successful business development system typically includes the following elements:

  1. Strategic planning: This involves setting clear goals and objectives for the business, and developing a roadmap for achieving them. This includes identifying the target market, defining the unique value proposition of the business, and determining the best approach for reaching potential customers.
  2. Sales and marketing: A strong sales and marketing strategy is essential for driving revenue and growing the business. This includes developing a clear brand identity, creating compelling marketing materials, and identifying the most effective sales channels.
  3. Customer acquisition: This involves identifying and targeting potential customers, and developing strategies for attracting and retaining them. This may include developing lead generation campaigns, nurturing leads through email marketing, and developing customer referral programs.
  4. Partnerships and collaborations: Building strategic partnerships and collaborations can help businesses expand their reach and grow more quickly. This may involve forming joint ventures with other businesses, partnering with complementary service providers, or collaborating with industry associations and other organizations.
  5. Continuous improvement: Finally, the best business development systems are those that are constantly evolving and improving. This involves regularly evaluating and refining strategies based on market feedback and performance data, and continually seeking out new opportunities for growth.

In order to implement an effective business development system, it is important to have a dedicated team of professionals who are committed to the success of the business. This may include sales and marketing professionals, business development executives, and project managers, as well as outside consultants and advisors.

The key to success with any business development system is to remain focused on the goals and objectives of the business, and to continually evaluate and refine strategies based on performance data and market feedback. By doing so, businesses can build a strong foundation for long-term growth and success.

Logo/Graphic design

Logo only - 25£

Direct debit

Direct Debit payments / Automatyczne polecenie przelewu
Recommended by (e-mail + name)

Terms and conditions

I hope everything is clear, after the free session you should have booked all the appointments in a row. Regarding your personal support please read Terms and Conditions

If link isn't working please remind me to send T&C via e-mail during our first meeting, Thank you.


Book free session here for free


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    FuuZzi did Logo, website and booking page for Anna

    In just 3 weeks, during 3 sessions at my office, I met with Anna who chose the £150 all-in-one option. Anna said she had already had her own cleaning business for a few years but needed more clients. I suggested a simple website with a booking option, simple advertising and a logo and slogan. Which I sent her after our meeting for approval.

  • fuuzzi

    Advertising & Business cards

    Some time later Anna decided she needed business cards too, so I designed the ones you see above, along with her free website accessible via QR code, to which she can buy a domain at any time if she feels she needs one. I also came up with a slogan to make her business cards unique. I ordered her business cards and handed them to her, and a month later they had already attracted the first client to whom I gave her a business card.

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    Maa just needed a logo

    In my offer you can simply choose what you want according to your needs. Maa has already set up her Facebook page, shown her services locally and is a registered therapist with excellent advertising skills. Simply put, she needed a logo, so we got caught and talk about preferred colours and style. Such a service costs just £25 and can be done in one appointment. I send the logo out in up to 3 days depending on the difficulty.

1 of 3

I do video subtitles and lectours available in 2 languages

The first video below shows how a female voiceover can sound (there is a female voiceover and a male voiceover available) If you click on subtitles they are available in two languages English and Polish and in the 3rd video which is my training video (see more at Eventbride page) where there is a male voiceover and it is a mix of power point and normal video to show you how it can look.

Video advertising looks like that:

Design of logo / sticker

Tell me about your needs and preffered colours and style, logo cost only 25£

Split your payments
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    Great company

    Great company, professional and friendly service, reasonable prices.
    Highly recommend!!!

    Date of experience: 11 June 2022


    Kamila listened my problems and without unnecessary questions moved to find right solutions. Her advice helped me with build my self confidence, and move forward with my decisions. Second thing is her professional help with an advertising strategy helped to grow up my businesses. I'll use her advice in the future when it comes necessary.

    Date of experience: 23 November 2020

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    MariuszM-22 17 Nov 2022 Great service at affordable price .Good communication & focused on customer needs .Highly recommended!

    MichS-12 10 Jun 2022 Highly recommendedGreat service! Very professional and helpful. The price for that kind of help is very reasonable! The company has a good customer relation talking and chatting with customers. Very in-depth knowledge and vast experience with regard to the services provided. You won't regret requesting their service(s). Thanks!

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  • fuuzzi

    ACCPH member


    I had online session with Kamila which is very proffessional, high skilled, non judgemental, compassion person, good listener who seen wild picture of my sytuation. Open minded, she direct me for a good long term solutions, gives me tools and ideas to deal with issues instead of telling me what to do which help me understand more myself and gain confidence. Highly recommended

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